Trainingshalle Eilbek Conventstraße 12, 22089 Hamburg
Conventstrasse 12, 22089 Hamburg


Classes in the group are held in the practice room on the ground floor of Therapiezentrum Eilbek (Conventstrasse 12, 22089 Hamburg). The nearest underground station is Wartenau (line U1), the nearest urban railway station is Landwehr (lines S1). There is a small (!) parking lot in front of the building. Inside the Therapiezentrum there are changing rooms, toilets and showers. Individual lessons can be held according to prior arrangement.

You do not need any previous experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested, and come by for a free trial month! The best date to join is always the first (or second) Wednesday, Friday or Saturday of the month, because we start a new topic then. After the trial lessons you can choose between different types of memberships. Training weapons are provided, so you only need sportswear (indoor shoes optional) and drinking water. Fencing masks and possibly other protective equipment are only necessary for the advanced level classes.

Classes and Schedule


7–8 pm: Sword & Buckler for beginners
8:30–9:30 pm: Sword & Buckler for advanced students


7–8 pm: Sword & Buckler for beginners
8:30–9:30 pm: Sword & Buckler for advanced students


10–11 am: Rapier for beginners
11:30 am–12:30 pm: Rapier for advanced students
1–3 pm: Free training, time for individual lessons (unless cancelled)

Schwert & Buckler und Rapier lernen in Hamburg

Fares and Membership Fees

  • Two-Classes Membership: € 35 per month (reduced fee € 25)
  • Three-Classes Membership: € 45 per month (reduced fee € 35)
  • Four-Classes Membership: € 55 per month (reduced fee € 40)
  • Six-Classes Membership: € 60 per month (reduced fee € 45)

You can attend as many classes (60 minutes each, after which there is some time for individual practising) per week as are included in your membership, the only limitation being that advanced classes are only for advanced students. For beginners we therefore suggest obtaining a two-class membership or a ticket of ten classes. The free training class on Saturdays is included in these memberships if it takes place (which is often the case but not always). Membership plans run for a minimum of three months and can be cancelled with a three month's notice. They can be upgraded or downgraded for every next month.

Other offers:

  • Single ticket of a group class (60 minutes or 120 for a free training class): € 15 (€ 12)
  • Ticket of ten classes of group training: € 120 (€ 110)
  • Individual lesson (60 minutes): € 50, specifics will be arranged beforehand; a discount will be granted for several lessons
  • Seminars (e.g. for clubs) from 50 € per hour plus travel and accommodation costs if necessary; specifics and prices will be arranged beforehand

Reduced prices can be found in brackets and apply to pupils (from 16 years of age and with a signed permission from their parents or custodian [in German only]), university students, trainees (no interns) and those having a gap year to work in the social sector (Freiwiliges Soziales Jahr). Special arrangements are possible.

All this information is subject to change and supplied without liability. Upon the conclusion of a contract, the stipulated conditions apply. The complete terms and conditions can be downloaded here and the rules of conduct here (both in German only). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Curriculum and philosophy

Schwerpunkt der Dimicator Schola ist das Fechten mit Schwert und Buckler, einem kleinen und oftmals runden Schild, der vor allem im 13. und 14. Jahrhundert beliebt war. Wir vermuten, dass diese Beliebtheit unter anderem daran lag, dass die gerüsteten Krieger in dieser Zeit mit ihren dreieckigen Schilden ähnlich gefochten haben. Daher nehmen wir ab und zu auch die größeren Schilde zur Hand. Das Bucklerfechten selbst ist aufgrund der zwei parallel genutzten Waffen komplexer als viele andere Disziplinen, aber wer darin etwas Erfahrung hat, kann sie leicht auf andere Waffen übertragen. Sogar zum modernen Sportfechten bestehen viele Parallelen. In der Dimicator Schola werden andere Fechtdisziplinen beim Zweitwaffentraining, in Seminaren und natürlich beim Einzelunterricht angeboten.

Our source material is historical, but the training methods are modern and safe. We strive for a training environment that is characterized by helpfulness, respect and tolerance. We learn and practise together; nobody is chastised for a slow learning process or making mistakes (unless of course they were caused by violating the safety regulations). Mistákes are useful, as they allow us to learn from them. When problems arise, we try to address them immediately and take both factual and human circumstances into account when solving them. We do not tolerate any discrimination against, or segregation of, any person or group of persons on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, national origin or ancestry.